Below are the before and after pictures of our last estate sale.   Also some photos taken during the sale.   

Thank you to our wonderful clients, Clint and Lynn Droddy.  They were so accommodating and gracious to us while we took over their house!  

Our clients with their sweetheart of a dog, Lucy!   Lucy visited us several times as we prepared the home. A very well-mannered and gentle dog. We all loved Lucy!

Before and After Pictures of the East Drive Home

Thank you to our great customers who always make a sale more like a party with friends!  We meet some of the sweetest people at these sales.  Everyone loved this home and we knew you would!  Thank you for always being patient with us and shopping our sales.  Y’all make us succeed for our clients!  Thank you for your many compliments.  We love hearing them!

Thank you to our group of ladies!  Lisa Hardy, Debbie Harris, Martha Bullard, Elaine Tscheidel, Beverly Callaway, Sherry Metzer, Paige Johnson and husbands, Ron Roth, Mike Tscheidel and Cliff Hardy!  Also thank you Shawn and Stephanie Hardy for all your help with jewelry and pricing!  We have a hard working group of people but we love what we do!  I appreciate y’all and feel very blessed to have you as friends as well as co-workers.

We loved working in this beautiful home for a month!

Back of the home.  It’s so pretty, it could be the front!