The Davis Estate Sale is over and was a great success thanks to our customers!

THANK YOU  to all our wonderful customers for coming to sale in Wood Park.  I know the parking and the bipolar weather were obstacles to this sale but y’all just came right on and didn’t let it stop you from getting great deals! 

Not one of you complained about the parking and we appreciated that!!! 

In our group picture below, you will see some new faces.  Ken and Sue Rollins have joined us.  You have seen them before because they always attend estate sales!  They were wonderful and worked hard to keep things looking nice.  Ken was in charge of the garage and it was very full in the beginning.  He sold a lot out of it and if we worked on commission from what we sold in the rooms we watched, he would have had the top commission!  Sue had charge of the back of the house and everything stayed nice and neat under her watch.  They were a lot of fun and fit right in with us!  Julie Scott worked with us at our last sale of the year in 2018.  I don’t consider her “new” now that she’s gotten her “estate sale certification”!  She does a great job and just goes right ahead, knowing what to do and when to do it. 

Martha and Elaine are my buddies  in the foxhole of preparation and long hours.  They make everything look pretty!  Elaine is wanting to step back from working because her hubby, Mike  just spent several weeks in a Houston hospital and she wants to be with him now that he’s home.  He did work with us Thursday and Friday and is doing great.  We hope Elaine with continue to work with us from time to time.  We would miss her too much to let her go completely!

Here are a few pictures from Saturday.