Below is a list of former clients and below the list are the references written on our behalf.   If you would like their phone numbers, please call me,  791-2339 or email me, and I will give them to you.  

Vicki Roth Carroll – Estate of Mr. & Mrs. Del Roth

Clint & Lynn Droddy – Living Estate of Clint & Lynn Droddy (Downsizing)

Catherine (Scootie) Clark – Estate of Nancy Neild

Dixi Delaney Kubicki – Estate of Dixi Delaney

Capital One Bank, New Orleans – Estate of Dr. Peter Erhard

Karen Bussell – Living Estate of Karen Bussell (Downsizing)

Jim & Mary Jane Mouton –  Living Estate of Jim & Mary Jane Mouton  (Downsizing)

Ronnie Harvey & Barbara Moore –  Estate of Miriam Burns

Sarah Ussery – Living Estate of Sarah Ussery  (Downsizing)

Gisela Houseman –  Tony Houseman Model Home/Office Sale

Lynn Cole – Living Estate of Lynn Cole  (Downsizing)

Harland Callender Estate of Doris Callender

Cynthia Overland Estate of Peggy Sandifier

J. W. Alfred Living Estate of J. W. Alfred  (Downsizing)

Mary Nan Whitmeyer Living Estate of Nan Bush    (Downsizing)

Arron Wells Estate of Tom Wells     


We have a survey we give to our clients after the estate sale is over.  This is a sample of our grading system on that survey.


Below are the surveys we’ve received.  We are so appreciative of the kind words and great scores!  We rate our clients as “5’s” as well!  

 Comments From Clients & Customers     

Reference from Vicki Roth Carroll:

Reference from Catherine (Scootie) Clark:

Reference from Clint & Lynn Droddy:

Reference from Dixi Delaney Kubicki:



Reference from Karen Bussell:


Reference from Jim and Mary Jane Mouton:



















Reference from Ronnie and Barbara Moore Harvey:



Reference from Ms Sarah Ussery:



 Reference from Mrs. Lynn Cole:



Reference from Mrs. Gisela Houseman (Tony Houseman Model Home/Office Sale):



Reference from Mr. Albert:



Reference from Mr. Harland Callender:



Donna, you do such a great job!!!! Presentation is beautiful!!! Hope to see you there. Jan, Jan’s Antiques


We love going to your estate sales. Your team is friendly but professional, accessible without hovering, and respectful of the family’s possessions and space and sometimes you have cookies!

Trudy Dowers Mathas


Congratulations Donna on your success for your very first year. I know I really enjoy seeing your post of your clients items BEFORE customers shop and pictures of customers waiting in line to come in to shop and during the sales. You do outstanding work. I recommend you to anyone for an Estate Sale. You can tell you and your Staff really care about your clients. I wish you more success in 2016! 

Donna Qualls


Reference from Cynthia Overland, (Estate Sale of Peggy Sandifier)

A big thank you to Donna and the team for a wonderful experience and a huge success with the estate sale of our mother’s home. It is always hard to lose a beloved parent and then be forced to make hard decisions about the things she loved, but Donna helped to ease my concerns and took so much of the responsibility from my shoulders. I will not hesitate to encourage others to use her group when in a similar situation. Thanks so much. 

Cynthia Overland

Cynthia J. Overland reviewed Another Time, Another Place Estate Sales on our Facebook Page and  gave us 5 Stars!  Below is the review she wrote on Facebook:

Donna and staff handled my mother’s estate with efficiency and grace. One of the best things I ever did was turn this responsibility over to her. I did this after interviewing several other estate sale groups and we just made a connection.

Cynthia Overland