What the client can expect, before, during and after the estate sale.


When we have an appointment with a new client, we start by doing a walk thru of the home with you. If you wish to hire us, we will go through our very simple contract. 

When we walk thru your home, we want to learn as much as we can from you about your family’s items.  The stories are as important as the condition of the items.  People love to know a little history behind what they are buying.  I once bought an antique rocker in an antique shop.  While taking it to my car, the owner happened to mention that it was the only piece that had survived a fire in their shop.  That gave me a story to tell when someone  noticed the rocker in my home.

  Our contract is an agreement of what you can expect from us and a few things we need to expect from you.   We discuss the timeline you may have.  If you are moving or downsizing, we can work around the sell of your home and the move into your new home.  We also like to schedule estate sales around paydays.  The days closest to paydays just seem to work best for customers.  We typically run our estates sales on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.    

There is no expense from our clients. 

We provide everything relating to the estate sale.   We will work through the home, room by room, cleaning, arranging, organizing and marking items to be sold.  We price items according to the fair market value in this area.  While going thru the home, if we should find any personal items that are left behind, we will set them aside to be returned to you.  Many times it’s hectic for the family to quickly go through things, deciding what they want to keep or pass on to a family member.  Things will be overlooked like family photo albums, high school diplomas, letters,  even cash,  etc., so we keep that in mind while working in your home and save these items for you.  With the contract, we also ask you to list any items that are not to be sold.  It’s best if you can remove them before the sale or we can mark them “not for sale” during the estate sale.

We will provide all the advertising!


We use local newspapers and social media.  We provide advertising in local papers during the three day sale.  Before the sale, we design attractive & informative flyers that we hand out to local antique and resale shops.  We have a lady employed by BISD, who passes out  flyers to all the teachers!   

We also provide attractive directional signs posted on the streets leading to your home.  

We contact our ever growing email customer list, notifying them of the upcoming sale.  We advertise thru this website,, and on our Facebook Group and also on, under Estate Sales.  If you have a special collection;  coins, vintage toys, a variety of exercise equipment, we will run a secondary ad specific to that collection on

For the three day estate sale, we hire extra people according to size of the estate.  They are our “watchers” and they help customers and also keep displays neat and tidy.  We like everything to stay nice, throughout the sale, not just at the beginning.  We’ve been to estate sales where it looked like a tornado has gone thru the rooms. Not very appealing.  We do not put items on the floor that don’t belong on the floor, like bedspreads, sheets and towels.   Customers don’t like bending over and we don’t like the look of messy bedding on the floor.  

We have a rule:  The estate sale should look as neat and clean on the last day, last hour, as it did on the first day, first hour!


One way we boost the sales is by accepting credit cards.  This is more convenient for the customer and the clients like the increase in sales!  We find people will buy larger items with their credit cards.  Many estate sale companies are “cash only” and if a customer has to go to the bank to withdraw money, more often than not, they will talk themselves out of the purchase and not return.  About half of our sales are with credit cards!

Before the estate sale, we give you options of what can be done with any remaining items.  If you would like to donate  to a local charity, we can recommend several;  St. Mark’s Treasure House,  Heirlooms for Hospice, Some Other Place,  Mission Attic  or we can donate to any charity of your choice.   We will take care of packing everything and being at the house for the items to be picked up.  We will give you a detailed receipt for your income tax purposes.  


Some FYI, our group of ladies will always pay full price for any item they may want from the sale.  The rule among us is to wait for the item to be marked by another worker and then we witness each other paying for the items before the sale begins.  The only time we do half-price for ourselves on an item is if it didn’t sale at full price during the estate sale.  We also do not hold items, waiting for half price day.  None of our ladies have antique booths or shops.  We only work for our estate sale clients.

Our attitude is to always treat our clients and customers as we would want to be treated since we have been on both sides of the counter!  

Once the sale is over on a Saturday,  usually by the following Monday, the Square Credit Card Co. that I use will have deposited money from charges into my account.  I will give you a report of each day’s sales along with totals and my percentage.  With the report, you will receive the money owed to you from the sale.   

The home is ready to sale!

This can be an emotional time for family.  Especially if years were spent in this house by your family.  Remember, the house is a house and it’s your family and the living you did in this house that made it your home.  It will again be someone’s house and they will be excited to make it their home.

Once everything is complete, the house will be clean and empty but you will always have your memories!


Please go to our “Contact Page” to get in touch with us.

6 thoughts on “ESTATE SALE WALK THRU

  1. I plan on selling the house. In your opinion, is it best to have an estate sale for the house goes on the market or afterwards? What is your percentage?


    • Either way is fine, Cynthia. We have done this both ways. In my opinion,
      the only thing about waiting until the house is on the market is when clients are walking thru the house, they will see all the stages of us getting everything out and being displayed and that could distract them from really seeing the house. Also if the realtor is taking pictures, it will show the items in estate sale mode. If you have the sale before the house is on the market, you will get a lot of traffic walking thru your house. If you know who your realtor is going to be, it’s great to have their business cards on our check out table and we will hand them out to interested people. We always have customers asking about the house. I hope this helps. Thanks for visiting the website!


  2. Thanks for saying that we want to learn about things when we are walking through a home. I’ll need to ask a professional for assistance when I am trying to learn about homes that I am thinking of getting. Maybe I should ask someone that I trust for assistance when I am trying to learn about the estate, too.


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