A few years, I started collecting yardsticks.  I love the really old ones that have the four digit phone numbers or the letter/number combinations like TE-2345.  I also like the ones of long ago businesses that aren’t around anymore or have changed names, as in “Sears & Roebuck”.  My favorites are the  political ads, “Vote for Joe Smith, County Commissioner.  He will measure up!”  

I like to think about the time, creativity and money that was spent on these yardsticks.  Some advertising person had to be excited to design the different logos and then the person or company had to be excited to start passing around their new yardsticks. Their mothers were probably the first ones to get their son’s or daughter’s advertising yardstick.  In fact,  I want my own yardstick for our estate sale company!  I want my kids to pass down my leftover yardsticks to their kids, telling them “This was your grandmother’s business in the early part of the century.”  

Whether old or current, all yardsticks will be a sign of another time and another place in history. They are a 36 inch long, very narrow sign.  A billboard in your hands with two purposes, advertising and measuring!   

Now yardsticks have a new use.  Yardstick projects!  You seen them on the DIY shows and in decorating magazines.  My husband and I made a clothes hanger for our laundry room out of yardsticks.  


With some yardsticks I bought today at a customer’s garage sale, I now have enough yardsticks to  make a table top for our check out table at our estate sales.  

So the phone numbers, the addresses, the names, the logos will live on thru these projects.  The yardstick collectors will always appreciate the details.  They are more than a ruler on steriods, they represent the achievements of an individual or a business.  Perhaps we should all have a yardstick.  We should all measure up.  What would your yardstick look like?