Thank you for considering Another Time, Another Place Estate Sales.

My name is Donna Roth and I  have always enjoyed antiques, vintage pieces and items I made from trash to treasures. 


I’ve had booths in several antique shops. I’ve been involved in making and selling home décor for many years and have always loved the business and the people.  From 2004 to 2010, I had my own business, “A Carpenters Daughter” (my dad was a Master Carpenter) selling my items in antique/gift shops.  In four of the five shops, I worked behind the counter, dealing with customers and helping with displays.  I also had my own little shop in local, yearly festivals and holiday markets.  I’ve always enjoyed crafting, designing and displaying in my own home with my treasured items.  In 2013, I began working in the estate sale business and realized it was the perfect segue for me, given my interests and background.  Now I have my own company…

Another Time, Another Place Estate Sales”


We place our headboard sign in the yard of the home during the actual estate sale.

Lisa Hardy, a longtime friend has joined me.  

Lisa, always on the go!!!

Lisa, always on the go!!!

Our friendship actually started when we met while we were both  garage/estate shopping some 18 years ago!  We  started going “treasure” shopping together and have always enjoyed and appreciated antiques and especially stories or memories that draw us to particular pieces.   Lisa loves helping the clients as they go thru these changes and makes sure they keep certain memorable items.  She also loves helping customers find that special “something” they want to buy to add to their home. Lisa can clear and organize a room in no time! She is amazing and  also,  a very loving and caring friend.  Lisa’s daughter-in-law, Stephanie Hardy (not pictured) helps with our jewelry and does the research and pricing.   This is a very tedious job especially when there is a lot of jewelry!

Our business is growing and we have added some sweet ladies to our ATAP group.  They are Debbie Harris, Martha Bullard, Elaine Tscheidel, Beverly Callaway and Sherry Metzer.  We also have two men to help us on our busy sale days.  They are Ron Roth, my sweet hubby and Mike Tcheidel, Elaine’s sweet hubby.  They are the door watchers but we call them “bouncers”!  Sounds more manly!  They have yet to “bounce” anyone and hopefully, never will.  

Like Lisa, Debbie is not only great with customers but loves to research the items. She has a real “can do” attitude as well!  She is our expert on electronics and tools.  She is a hard worker and can also get a room organized in no time!

Debbie Harris, rare picture because she seldom sits down!

 I have known Martha Bullard from our “booth” days when we both had booths at Ashton House in Beaumont several years ago.  Martha is very creative and has a real gift for style and display.  She is our official “display/designer” .  She knows name brand clothing, purses and shoes.  After years of shopping, we say she has her Master’s Degree in Shopping!  Martha is a lot of fun and keeps us laughing as we work!   She is also a very sweet friend.  

Debbie Harris, Martha Bullard & Lisa Hardy

Elaine and Martha are best friends and together, they know everyone in the Golden Triangle!   Elaine loves to clear out cabinets and wash everything!  She makes our glassware and silver shine!  Her and Martha together can get the clothing, purses and shoes displayed and marked in no time.  They know their “stuff”.  Elaine is wonderful with the customers.  She is also a very hard worker, never sits still and keeps us on our toes!  Her daughter,  Paige has helped us and works with us when needed.  One thing Paige always does for us is hand-out flyers to teachers.  Being a teacher herself, she has access to the teacher’s lounge! 

Elaine and her sweet daughter, Paige. We love having both of them with us.

Elaine and her sweet daughter, Paige. We love having both of them with us.

We love our customers and we seem to click with certain ones.   Beverly Callaway and  Sherry Mezger were two of our special customers.  They are sisters and are always at our sales and so complimentary of each sale.  We finally pulled them out of line, put an apron on them and now they are part of our team!  They have taken to the estate sale business like ducks to water.  They love it as we all do! They fit right in with us, our work and our sense of humor.

Beverly Callaway & Sherry Mezger

Beverly Callaway & Sherry Mezger

Sometimes my daughter, Rachel helps when we need it.  She is a sweetheart (I can write that, I’m her mother) and brings a knowledge of retail since she’s in that business.  


Elaine, Rachel, Beverly, Sherry & Martha

 It’s been fun to see how our little group of ladies has grown in the last two years.  I feel God’s Hand is in this because a group of women working together can be dramatic but not in our group.  We seem to have kindred spirits and love to laugh, cut up and have fun while we work.  We also share a respect for the home we are in and the people who lived in it.  We like to learn about our clients and while working, we will sometimes wonder, “Would they approve of how we handling their items and are displaying their home?”  

The ladies of the A.T.A.P team are caring and helpful by nature and this shows when they are working with our clients and customers.  Together, we will handle your items with love and care.  Whether you are moving, downsizing, liquidating, divorcing or are in charge of handling a family estate, we can help by taking care of the tedious work for you.  We also have experts when needed, such as a clock man, a toy collector, jewelry expert, to name a few.

We have our serious times…..


….and our not so serious times!


With our creative backgrounds and with the unique experience of being on both sides of the estate sale counter, we have some clever ideas on ways to display your items, giving an overall organized and pleasing look.  As an example, rather than stacking linens on a table and having people rummage thru them, we like to hang a clothes line on a wall (using safe Command Hangers) and hang the lace doilies, handkerchiefs and cloth napkins. It makes for an easier, more organized viewing. 

Our clothesline of linens.

Our clothesline of linens.

This item, a garden wheelbarrow, was brand new in the box. It was not selling. Lisa and Debbie, with their "can do" attitudes decided to put it together.

This item, a garden wheelbarrow, was brand new in the box. It was not selling. Lisa and Debbie, with their “can do” attitudes decided to put it together.

The garden wheelbarrow sold within the hour.

The garden wheelbarrow sold within the hour.

We are sticklers for not putting items on the floor that don’t belong on the floor, like towels and blankets!  We bring in our own tables so that we do not load up the tables that are for sale with items that are for sale  


We use pegboards to display and hang pots and pans, etc.

We use chalkboard signs rather than poster boards.  

our "welcome" sign was on the front door.

Chalkboard signs are so much neater than poster board signs and our customers notice these type of details!

For our clients, we want to display their items in the most attractive way possible and for our customers, we want them to feel like they are shopping in a cute, upscale retail shop, without the upscale prices.

We work by the rule that an estate sale should be as neat looking on the last day, last hour as it was on the first day, first hour.  

We receive a lot of compliments on our estate sales being so clean and organized and compliments just make us work even harder for our customers!  We appreciate them!

We are also optimistic that y'all will want to fill up the holding baskets. Last week we ran out of holding baskets!

We provide holding baskets for our customers  so they can shop without carrying items around. 

We offer our customers homemade Texas Cowboy Cookies when they arrive. We also have them for sale at checkout.

We also  provide our customers with Texas Cowboy Cookies when they arrive and we also have them for sale at checkout.  

We take credit cards!!!

We take credit cards!

We bring some inviting details that help with sales, like accepting credit cards to boost sales.  Credit cards are not widely offered among estate sale companies, but it is something that not only increases the sales total, but attracts customers as well when mentioned in our advertising.  

We will help you with the items that made you or a loved one’s house into a home.  As you experience another time in your life, we find another place for your family’s items to make another house into a home.

If you are interested in having an estate sale, learn more on how we plan our estate sales on our page titled “Estate Sale Walk-Thru” and then reach us by going to our “Contact” page.

We always take a group shot of us at each estate sale.  Our group is growing! 



We strive to make our estate sales a success for our clients and a wonderful shopping experience for our customers!

If you would like more info on having an estate sale, please go to our page titled “Estate Sale Walk-Thru”.  Go to “Contact” page for info on how to reach us. 







  1. Oh, oh, oh! I want to sell my house now and get you to come arrange the sale of my be-you-ti-ful stuff….thanks…debby (Roseanne) P.S. looks good!


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