Welcome to Another Time, Another Place Estate Sales

As you experience another time in your family’s life, we will find another place for your family’s items.

If you are considering an estate sale, moving  sale, downsizing, divorce or liquidation of a business,  please leave a comment or go to our Contact Page.

 If you would like to know about upcoming Estate Sales, we have a page for that!

If you would like to be on our Contact List about future estate sales, please leave your name and email address.  

We have a page describing our “Estate Sale Walk Thru”.  This explains what you can expect when we have our initial meeting to discuss your estate sale.   There is a page titled, “About Us and Our Estate Sales”.  This gives an overview of who we are and the special things we do while preparing our estate sales.  

We have added a new page recently (July 2017)  called “Feature Page, Behind the Scenes”.  We will post interesting things that happen at our sales, things we’ve learned, things we still need to learn and things we want to share with you.

Enjoy our website and thank you for visiting! 

61 thoughts on “HOME

  1. i’m so proud of you.! I know you will be as caring with people’s possessions as if they were your own.
    Can’t wait to come to a sale


    • Thanks so much. A very sweet comment! We do consider it a large responsibility to handle and care for our clients’ treasured items. Would love to have you come to our sales. We do have fun!


      • They have been downloaded for several days and some group pictures have been for weeks. You might try going to SETXClassifieds.com, go to estate sales, click on our ad and then click on our website link. It should take you right to the pictures once you’ve clicked on “Estate Sale This Week….”


      • They are on our website. anothertimeanotherplace.net You can click on the name here and it should take it your right to it. Look for the page titled, “Estate Sale, this week” and it has address. Scroll down and you will see the pictures. Sometimes it can take a minute to fully download. Hope this helps. We also have a Facebook Group, Another Time, Another Place Estate Sale Group.


  2. Love your website baby. You did a great job setting it up. And congratulations on your recent “first” estate sale. I know you made Nan very happy. Love you. Ron

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  3. First time to read about your estate sales please add me to your mailing list. Could have gone today but read it wrong thought it started Friday thru sat.

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  4. Had a wonderful at the orange sale yesterday I bought the two baker racks and many more items. Thanks for all the help and let me know of future sales


    • Thank you so much Carlene! We had fun too and so glad you got the baker’s racks! Glad they went together! Please join our “Another Time Another Place Estate Sales” Facebook Group. I will put you on the email list as well. Thanks for coming!


  5. Could you please add me to your contact list? I LOVED the way you handled the estate sale in Groves – it was elegant, organized, and just a lovely experience. I’m thoroughly impressed and looking forward to your next sale!


    • I have y’all on the list and sent you an individual email. I’ve checked the address to make sure it’s right. I will try again. I appreciate y’all so much. We are a new company and this is our first year. I think y’all have been to four of our five estate sales we’ve had. When I see y’all walk thru the door, it’s like seeing family! Mr. George, I really appreciate your compliments on the cookies and your “advertising” as you walk thru the house. If y’all ever want a doz., give me a call and I will make them! Do y’all live in Beaumont? Thanks so much for always coming to our sales! Donna


  6. Although I haven’t visited one of your estate sales YET, I have to say I never miss your posts on an upcoming sales. I LOVE to shop the pictures you post because I never know when there will be something I just gave to have 🙂 Thank you for opening something Unique. It’s refreshing 🙂


  7. Would love to be notified about any future estate sales in the future . Thanks !
    I am on Facebook often, so if you could post info about future sales, it would be appreciated .


    • We also have a Facebook Group. “Another Time, Another Place Estate Sales”. I have two pages but they aren’t groups and I don’t post pictures on them, mainly I tell people to join the group where all the pictures will be. Our next sale is in February. I will be posting abut that one and will add you to email list. Thank you.


  8. You and your team do such a wonderful job at all your Estate Sales. Definitely, one of my favorites. Can’t wait for the next few you have coming up!


    • I will. Thanks so much! We have new pictures of the next sale on our website, anothertimeanotherplace.net and on our Facebook group, Another Time, Another Place Estate Sales Group.



    • I will add you. You can also view our upcoming sales, pictures and info on our website, anothertimeanotherplace.net and on our Facebook Group, Another Time, Another Place Estate Sales Group.

      Thank you for your interests.

      Donna Roth


  9. Will like an update on Estate sales,and do u need help in hauling funiture out and in.i have a small cleaning crew and we do moveing also my name Loretta Davis 9793884904


    • We do sometimes need help with furniture. Will give your name to customers if they need help with delivering their furniture. Thank you.

      I always have upcoming estate sales on this website and on our Facebook Page, Another Time, Another Place Estate Sales.


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